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Updating host file

Unlike the other comments, I find that pinging a name after updating the LMHOSTS file does not use the new IP immediately.It does happen eventually but to speed up the process I use: nbtstat -R "-R (Reload) Purges and reloads the remote cache name table" I have tried ipconfig /flushdns but it did not work for me. Or run it from a command prompt with administrator privileges] Powershell cmdlets Set-Hosts Entry and Remove-Hosts Entry no reboot needed, can be scheduled, could probably be triggered upon connection to specific Wifi or Network names Syntax: Set-Hosts Entry -IPAddress -Host Name 'myserver' and Remove-Hosts Entry -Host Name 'myserver' install as part of carbon package from worked for me and my temporary internal email server. Because it has attracted low-quality or spam answers that had to be removed, posting an answer now requires 10 reputation on this site (the association bonus does not count).In short, its the only Hosts Manager that you will even need. Sys Mate Hosts File Manager is another tool that lets you do so.How to manually reset Hosts file back to default in Windows may also interest you.I have noticed some of the applications I use also cache some of these responses, and must ensure they are completely closed before the resolution works properly.Firefox and IE like to occasionally run in the background, despite not having any active windows, but that may be more my fault than the applications.This will lock down your Hosts file and prevent anyone or any malware from writing to it.

So what can you accomplish by editing a hosts file?It also lets you easily add third-party Hosts lists that help in blocking malware sites and lets you easily enable or disable the hosts file.It includes a built-in hosts file updater & a hosts editor.and seeing a completely different website load in your browser.Malware can redirect Web addresses on your computer by altering your hosts file. To prevent Host file hijacks, you may navigate to it, right-click on it, select Properties and make it a Read-only file.

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